Historical Weather and Climate Data

Weather and climate database providing detailed weather data for thousands of weather stations and places worldwide. Take a look at yesterday's temperatures or discover the weather hundreds of years ago.

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Our Model

Meteostat uses its own climate model to project observations and statistics of single weather stations on any geographical point. Therefore, matching weather stations around a reference point are weighted based on their three-dimensional distance and adjustet to the respective altitude. Our climate model covers wide parts of earth and is always up-to-date.

Our Database

Our database contains thousands of weather stations which are regularly reporting observations and statistics to Meteostat. Additionally, archived data is provided for many legacy weather stations. Analyze the past's weather with our extensive weather archive and access hundreds of gigabytes of raw data. Some datasets date back to the late 18th century.

Our Products

Meteostat provides weather and climate data for developers, scientists and businesses. Join a growing community of universities, research facilities, businesses and individuals who already use Meteostat data for their projects. Meteostat provides access on meteorological data through a powerful JSON API and a bulk data interface.