Relaunching the Meteostat Web App on Cloudflare Workers

Some of you may have already noticed that the Meteostat web app got a facelifting recently. We recreated everything using Vue 3, moving to a proper frontend framework for our platform. Vue does an amazing job in providing a fast onboarding for newcomers and a joyful experience for developers. It also has a relatively small footprint and is backed by a vibrant...

An Introduction to Meteostat on RapidAPI

Meteostat is a JSON API which focuses on historical weather and climate data. With artificial intelligence and machine learning on the rise, meteorological time series data is becoming increasingly important. There are various use cases for weather and climate statistics. Think about predictive analytics or clarification of insurance claims due to storms. Meteostat...

Meteostat Joins RapidAPI

We are thrilled to announce that Meteostat has joined RapidAPI. The API marketplace makes it easy for developers to use thousands of APIs through a common platform. It also allows Meteostat to offer a much requested feature: a freemium API which provides developers the ability to scale.

Shutdown of Meteostat API Version 1

On May 1, 2021 Meteostat will shut down version 1 of its JSON API. We urge all developers building on top of this version to migrate to version 2 as soon as possible.

Obtain Weather Data For Any Location With Python

We have just published the 1.1.0 release of the Meteostat Python library — and it comes with an exiting new feature! Thanks to the new Point data interface you are now able to obtain historical weather and climate data for any geographical location.

Meteostat Python Library Reaches First Stable Release

Today we are announcing the first stable release of the Meteostat Python library on PyPI. With version 1.0.0, the library becomes much more mature and performant. Furthermore, future minor releases will guarantee full compatibility from version 1.0 upwards.

Analyze Historical Weather Data with Python

Just one week after the release of our open weather station directory, we are now launching an official Meteostat Python library. The library will co-exist with our JSON API and provides a more flexible interface which targets the data science community. It’s build on top of the Meteostat bulk data interface and utilizes Pandas for data analysis. We invite everyone...

Let’s Build an Open Directory of Weather Stations

We are launching a GitHub repository which serves the purpose of collecting information about public weather stations worldwide. From now on, everyone is able to download and contribute to the full list of weather stations available via Meteostat.

A New Chapter for Meteostat

Today, a new chapter begins for the Meteostat project. With the release of our updated product portfolio we are laying the foundation for the project’s next growth wave. The update includes version 2 of our API and an updated user interface for the website.