We are thrilled to announce that Meteostat has joined RapidAPI. The API marketplace makes it easy for developers to use thousands of APIs through a common platform. It also allows Meteostat to offer a much requested feature: a freemium API which provides developers the ability to scale.

Head over to RapidAPI and give it a try. The API playground is an amazing tool to explore the different endpoints and query parameters. Also, if you run into issues, please get in touch, so we can further improve the experience.

Effective now, we’re replacing Meteostat JSON API v2 with the new RapidAPI-based solution. But don’t worry — v2 will be around for a few more months to come. However, we will start pointing new users towards RapidAPI and stop accepting new applications for v2.

RapidAPI comes with some key advantages. It allows us to move authentication, payments and quota management to an established and well-known platform. Furthermore, we are confident that we can profit from some of RapidAPI’s traffic, as well. With Meteostat Bulk, Meteostat Python and Meteostat JSON API, we’re now offering a complete set of tools which allow all developers to integrate Meteostat data into their applications and services.

It’s important to point out for me that our focus is still open data. All Meteostat data is available for free and we will never charge users for the data itself. When using the new JSON API, you’re essentially using a hosted version of our Python library. The service makes it easy for developers to integrate our data into their products and allows us to grow Meteostat as a project.

While the new interface should be ready for production, we’re only getting started on RapidAPI. Therefore, if there are any bugs, obscurities or things to improve, please let us know! ❤