The Weather's Record Keeper

Meteostat is one of the largest vendors of open weather and climate data. The platform provides access to long-term time series of thousands of weather stations.

Imagine a Search Engine for Weather Data

Meteostat processes data from various public sources. This allows both developers and end users to access weather and climate data through a single interface. Think of it as a gateway to meteorological data which puts user experience first.

Real Observations and Common Standards

Our weather stations meet the World Meteorological Organization's criteria for location and observation methods. Also, Meteostat is one of the rare sources which focuses on real observation data instead of supra-regional models.

Weather is Common Property

Meteorological data should not be exclusive to those who can afford it. Meteostat democratizes weather and climate data by providing open and free access to its archive. With climate change on the rise, transparency is more important than ever.

Open Source

Meteostat fosters both open source and data. The majority of code which powers Meteostat is available under the MIT license. Help us making Meteostat even better or build upon it.


Get Creative

Integrate Meteostat data into your products, applications and workflows. Thanks to our open data policy, Meteostat is an ideal data source for research and educational projects.


Show Your Love Or Get Involved

We believe in open weather and climate data. But we need your help continuing our mission. Your contribution helps both Meteostat and the initiatives building on top of it moving forward. Thank you!