About Meteostat

Meteostat is a free online service which provides weather and climate statistics

Meteostat is a free online service which provides weather and climate statistics. The database combines current weather observations, historical statistics and long-term climate data for thousands of weather stations worldwide. All data available at Meteostat relates to the exact location of the respective weather station and was measured on-site.

In contrast to many other weather applications Meteostat pursues to provide detailed statistics on historical weather data. Especially over the course of climate change people started to questions whether certain meteorological phenomena are caused by a general trend towards rising temperatures and more extrem weather events. Meteostat tries to answer these questions with the help of a large database. But the Meteostat platform should not only be an information source for expert users. Therefore, we constantly try to present our data in a clear and understandable format.

We want to point out that our statistics are based on open data and that this project is operated and developed by voluntary contributors during their free time. Therefore, errors occur from time to time and gaps in our archives cannot always be prevented. Also, we cannot guarantee that all data is following consistent standards. If you have any questions regarding this topic we recommend you to read this article first. Alternatively, you can contact us via E-Mail.

For the future we plan to extend the Meteostat database with further data sources. Recently, many governmental organizations have joined the open data movement. This development provides a huge potential for Meteostat to improve and extend its products. You can support us on this mission. For instance through a donation or by providing feedback. Furthermore, we are seeking contributors in different fields:

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