Christian Lamprecht

Meet Christian.

"Running an open source project can be challenging. You are always low on all kinds of resources - especially time and money. It is our passion for weather and climate which keeps us going. Meteostat is only possible because we have dozens of generous backers and contributors who keep supporting the project. Thanks to all of you!"

Sponsors & Partners


Our incredible patrons who keep Meteostat running with recurring financial support.

Become a backer on Patreon or GitHub . Alternatively, you can also set up recurring pledges using these options.


Some of the generous people and companies who donated money to Meteostat in the past.

  • Benedikt Allendorf
  • Birgit Becherer
  • Danny Latuske
  • Maximilian Hennebach
  • Maximilian Hüttner
  • Yan Nusinovich

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The taltented developers and contributors who are building Meteostat and its interfaces.

If you are familiar with coding, head over to GitHub and help us building Meteostat.