Weather StatisticsCape Town Airport


The weather statistics for the weather station Cape Town Airport provide historical records for multiple meteorological parameters like temperature, precipitation and wind. The time range can be any date range between a single day or a whole year. For up to 14 days meteostat usually provides hourly weather data. For time ranges longer than that aggregated daily data is being used. Take a look at the weather of last week, last month or the past year.

Current WeatherCape Town Airport

The interactive meteogram for the weather station Cape Town Airport allows users to take a look at the forecasted development of meteorological core parameters within the upcoming 10 days. The weather forecast is based on calculations of the statistically optimised MOSMIX model operated by Deutscher Wetterdienst.

Climate NormalsCape Town Airport

The climate data for the weather station Cape Town Airport gives an overview of long-term monthly climate data measured on-site. Climate normals can be used for classifying the current weather and provide the basis for calculating anomalies. Climate data usually refers to a 30-year period.

LocationCape Town Airport